The DaVinci Code: A Quest for Answers


A Book by Josh McDowell

A Book by Josh McDowell


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Just where does fact end and fiction begin? The brilliant mix of fact and fiction in Dan Brown’s Conspiracy story “The Da Vinci Code” raises serious questions regarding the origins and claims of Christianity. Many come away from the book shaken in their beliefs, wondering what is true? Questions like “Was Mary Magdalene really Jesus’ wife and the mother of his child?” And more. McDowell skillfully separates facts from fallacy. This is a book you and your friends should have right now! One reviewer wrote “An excellent little book and very easy read. Written as an ongoing discussion among three college students who saw the DaVinci Code movie and then had many questions about the supposed “facts” in the book…only to discover that author Dan Brown is a brilliant author, but lousy historian who fabricates most of his “facts.” An excellent little book that really makes you think and want to dig for the truth!” by Mr. Michael A. Dorough “uth dude (Warner Robins, GA)

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