Cornelius Van Til/Greg Bahnsen

Dr. Cornelius Van Til

Van Til (born Kornelis van Til in Grootegast, Netherlands) was the sixth son of Ite van Til, a dairy farmer, and his wife Klasina van der Veen.  At the age of ten, he moved with his family to Highland, Indiana, the first of his family to receive a higher education. In 1914 he attended Calvin Preparatory School, graduated from Calvin College and attended one year at Calvin Theological Seminary where he studied under Louis Berkhof but he transferred to Prinecton Theological Seminary and later graduated with his PhD from Princeton University. (from Wikipedia)

Presuppositionalist Apologist

Cornelius Van Til

For visitors that have a familiarity with Van Til’s work you might find this hotlink to be of interest Van Til Diagrammed.

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Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen

Greg Bahnsen  In 1970 Greg Bahnsen graduated magna cum laude m Westmont College, receiving his B.A. in philosophy as well as the John Bunyan Smith Award for his overall grade point average. From there he went on to Westminster Theologocial Semniary in Philadelphia, where he studied under Cornelius Van Til. The two became close friends. When he graduated in May 1973, he simultaneously received two degrees, Master of Divnity and Master of Theology, as well as the William Benton Greene Prize in apologetics and a Richard Weaver Fellowship from the Interdollegiate Studies Institute. His next academic stop was the Unversity of Southern California (USC), where he studied philosophy, specializing in the theory of knowledge. In 1975, after receiving ordination in the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, he became an associate professor of Apologetics and Ethics at  Revormed Theological Seminary in Jackson Mississsippi. While there, he completed his studies at USC, receiving his Ph.D in 1978. (from Wikipedia)

 Arbitrary Arguments

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A Debate on Presuppositional vs Orthodox Apologetics


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Greg Bahnsen Click here => Classical vs Presuppositional Apologetics 1977 to be taken to a presentation of the debate between R.C. Sproul and Dr. Greg Bahnsen on Apologetics, the Orthodox Views of Traditional Apologetics vs. Presuppositionists (Van Tillian) apologetical methodologies. Click here for a full transcript of ==> RC Sproul and Greg Bahnsen Debate Transcript.


. . . Verses Dr. R.C. Sproul

R.C. Sproul

R.C. Sproul

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For those of you who would like to consider the Presuppostionalist position from the perspective of a very succinct and well done perusal of the history of western philosophy, you will definitely want to entertain this audio presentation of the debate which was scheduled to take place between atheist author Dr. Michael Martin and Dr. Bahnsen. You will also find a press release posted on the page hot linked below, which was published soon after Dr. Martin failed to appear at the appointed time for their confrontation. It would seem that this a prime example of a scholar behaving very unscholarly. I’ve also provided for you a hot link which will take you to Professor Victor Reppert’s a dangerous idea blog, that contains some very interesting observations on  Martin’s  no-show. For a very entertaining and educational presentation just click on the sound bars when you arrive at our Bahnsen-Martin Non-Debate on the Existence of God page.

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