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The Great Courses produced by The Teaching Company is an organization that delivers many educational tools and resources that one simply cannot find from other sources. There is a huge selection of materials to choose from at their site, but if you visit their web page keep in mind that once a year every course that they offer is listed at a sale price with significant differences in price. The Teaching Company has been producing these kinds of presentations for years and much of what they have to offer can be found at your local libraries and many of their courses can be found listed off of eBay and the Amazon websites. Many of their older courses, which doesn’t effect the quality of presentation when your dealing the genera of Classical and Religious kinds of Literature, they have a very long shelf life-and many of their older courses were produced using older technologies (i.e., audio-cassette tapes, VHS video tapes and Audio CDs which can be a spur to additional savings). So, there are ways around the higher prices listed off of their web site. I have been listening to their materials for around 15 years now and have learned a lot of things that I would have otherwise missed had it not been for their offerings.


The Life and Writings of C.S. Lewis


The Natural Law and Human Nature


Religion & Theology


Philosophy and Religion in the West


Gnosticism: From Nag Hammadi to the Gospel of Judas


Philosophy & Intellectual History


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