Gnosticism and the Technologies of Our World

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TechGnosis: Myth, Magic, and Mysticism in the Age of Information


To see just the way many of the themes in Davis’ book are being played outJ in the fields of: bio-genetics, cryogenics, biology, nanotechnology, cybernetic implantation, genetic research, robotics, along with current attempts to construct machines that are imagined to be capable of reaching levels of human intelligence, and beyond through artificial means, you may want to check out the three part documentary by the French filmmaker Frank Theys, titled ==>Technocalyps .


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Some may wonder what the problem with Gnosticism in itself is, and where in the scriptures a Christian might find a bases for objecting to the avenues of thought Gnostics typically pursue? Since much of the discussion takes for granted the nefarious character of the way Gnostics have interpreted our world, especially in light of their attempts at foisting a Gnostic understanding into the early church’s teachings, it may prove helpful to listen as Dr. Sproul points out in these lectures how Gnostics attempted to  supplement orthodox teaching with non canonical literature (see the two blurbs below) in these two lectures which may be accessed  by clicking on ==> Gnosticism and Truth, and/or Gnosticism and Matter .

If you would like to learn more of what Gnosticism is, the: what, where and why of it all, then you will definitely want to proceed to Dr. Al Walter’s presentations, which will provide vital information about many of the early aspects of both Gnosticism and Neo-Platonism.

Just Click Here: ==> Al Walter’s Gnosticism & Neo-Platonism. 






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Gnosticism and Truth

As Christians, we do not want to be ignorant of deep truths of God. We want to move beyond the elementary things of this world and reach upward to touch transcendent the One. There is only one way to that, and only a few have found it. Nothing beats good old fashioned Bible study. But many people do not want to take that route. For them, bypassing Scripture is the true way to understanding. In this message, Dr. Sproul teaches us about the ancient false teaching of Gnosticism and how it has resurfaced again in our day.

To find our more about the book Dr. Sproul recommends to us in this lecture, just click here ==> The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back: An Old Heresy for the New Age. This book can also be found by visiting our

==> Bookshelf.


Gnosticism and Matter

God’s Word tells us about the war between the spirit and the flesh. Should we understand that to mean that there is a dichotomy between the physical world and the spiritual world? What’s the matter with matter? Continuing to look at Gnosticism in this message, Dr. Sproul explains the Gnostic’s erroneous view of the physical world, and the effect that still lingers in the church today.


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==> R.C. Sproul  <==






Gnosticism & the Early Church



For those of you who would like to learn more about Gnosticism as elaborated from the context of truth; as it developed around the early Church–one way of doing so would be to get a copy of Josh McDowell’s incisive, and accurate, fictional portrayal of three young college students whose collaborative inquiry lead them though the ideas which were wildly portrayed in Dan Brown’s novel The DaVinci Code, to a solid understanding which lead both us  and them away from the fantasies found in the movie based on the fanciful renditions presented to us though that Hollywood block-buster. It is a short and sweet, as well as an entertaining reading as we witness how McDowell utilizes his cunning as a writer to bring out many elementary facts in the way Gnosticism found its historical expression. This presentation stands in sharp contrast to what many professing Christians were exposed to as they were taken away by the movie.


A Book by Josh McDowell

If your interested follow this link to our page which provides more information on The DaVinci Code: A Quest for Answers. You will also find an Amazon link (you can get copies for just a penny, plus S&H which usually amounts to around $3.98) and more reviews which offers  more information on this succinct as well as highly entertaining study of the history of Gnosticism


==> Gnosticism From Nag Hammandi to the Gospel of Judas <==

Gnosticism, one of the most fascinating and perplexing phenomena in Western religious history, sparked religious ideologies that competed with many other religions of the time, including the theological thinking that came to define Christianity. Throughout its existence, Gnosticism maintained a continuing, contentious dialogue with Christian thought. Ultimately, such core Christian beliefs such as heresy developed in response to Gnosticism. To study the history and theology of Gnosticism is to gain a deeply revealing view into how canonical Christianity developed as it did.

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