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                                                       . . . but to irrigate desserts.  

                                                                              The Abolition of man


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I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen.

Not only because I see it, but  because by it I see everything else…

C.S. Lewis


  • Gary murphree commented on March 11, 2024 Reply

    Not a reply but an unusual request, if I may. In SURPRISED BY JOY Lewis mentions, in passing, an opera magazine from his childhood titled SOUNDBOX. IT had synopses of operas in it. It was likely a paper booklet sort of thing. I have seen items similar on ebay but not this one. I am trying to get a picture of an issue, with no luck at all. Can anyone out there assist me with this? I would be most grateful. Another Lewis fan….Gary murphree. Email.

  • Lissa commented on December 29, 2023 Reply

    His writings are wonderful and thought provoking! I especially like the Screwtape Letters! The world would be a better place if a lot of people read his works on morality!

  • Jack Yost commented on May 28, 2023 Reply

    As a good, god fearing boy, I truly appreciate the work put forth in front of me. It speaks to my inner passions without the temptation of lust. I can go forth knowing Lion Man C.S. makes me strong. Excelsior!

  • Diana commented on October 1, 2022 Reply

    I recently found all 3 of C.S. Lewis triology books at a used book store. Read the first and looking forward to starting book 2. Thanks for the good posting.

  • Teresa McCord commented on August 21, 2021 Reply

    I have read and re read all of his books over my lifetime of 70 years (well, I started when I was nine, so 61 years). I live in York PA and identify as a Christian with liberal leanings. My most cherished books are his Trilogy Out of the Silent Planet, Perelandra and That Hideous Strength: all of which are still so relevant today.

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