Transhumanism and the Postmodern Future: Will Technological Progress Get Us There?

Ted Peter’s Essay ==>  Transhumanism and the Posthuman Future-Will Technological Progress Get Us There?


For millennia, great thinkers have contemplated the meaning and purpose of human existence; but while most assumed that humanity was the end point of creation or the pinnacle of evolution, Ted Chu makes the provocative claim that the human race may in fact be a means rather than an end—that humankind will give rise to evolutionary successors. In this wide-ranging and authoritative work, Chu reexamines the question of human purpose in light of the extraordinary developments of science and technology. Arguing that a deep understanding of our place in the universe is required to navigate the magnitude of the choices that lie ahead, he surveys human wisdom from both East and West, traces the evolutionary trajectory that has led to this point, and explores the potentials emerging on the scientific frontier. The book addresses the legitimate fears and concerns of “playing God” but embraces the possibility of transcending biological forms and becoming or creating entirely new life-forms.



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To place us within imaginary grasp of what Dr. Tour is attempting to explain in the video above I thought it might be helpful to consider a quote from William Grassie as he in turn is found quoting Bill Bryson as he gives a description of ==> a simple prokaryotic cell from his book A Short History of Nearly Everything





TechGnosis: Myth, Magic, and Mysticism in the

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