The Nature of Pseudo-Reality


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In order to facilitate a more thorough going understanding of this issue you will want to consider the ways in which another very important dimension folds into this study in → How To Make A Critical Theory Out of Anything. 

The Hidden Tribes of North America

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⇒ Pol Pot & The Khmer Rouge

To comprehend the kind of devastating consequences which potentialy follow in the wake of the pseudo-real, I thought a dramatic rendering of the horrors introduced into the world by a small group of Cambodians, led by Saloth Sar (later known as Pol Pot) and Nuon Chea, who secretly formed the Communist Party of Kampuchea in 1960 might be helpful. This movement would become known as the Khmer Rouge, or “Red Khmers.” The story conveyed in the film is real, this is real, i.e. it is a historically accurate depiction of events as they took place.

A note on how to view this movie: Due to the age restricted nature of this movie, and the kind of hoops You Tube requires one to jump through, I recommend that The Killing Fields be viewed on Prime Video. It’s made available at minimal costs for Prime members for around $4.00.

The Killing Fields on Amazon Prime.