William Lane Craig Speaks on C.S. Lewis

I have inserted hotlinks below this introductory paragraph which is basically an outline for the concepts that are discussed in an interview with Richard Cunningham in the You Tube at the bottom of this page. The links will take you to additional You Tube presentations that cover the bulleted points on the outline which entail concepts that Dr. Craig speaks about which was recorded for the 50th anniversary of the death of C.S. Lewis. You will also find internal hotlinks to both our Alvin Plantinga and William Lane Craig pages beneath the video at the bottom of the outline.


The interview broadens from C.S. Lewis into a discussion of various topics, including:

click on this hotlink to go a Dr. Craig’s brief presentation of ==> the Kalam Cosmological ArgumentYou can find his more lengthy presentation off the You Tube page for those interested in a more in depth study of this argument. click ==> HERE . During this part of the interview Craig also mentions a brief description of philosopher Alvin Plantinga’s own treatment of the issue under debate. For a more developed explanation click here ==> An Evolutionary Argument Against Naturalism to learn more.

the Trilemma argument and the addition of ‘Legend’ to the question of whether Jesus is ‘Lord, Liar or Lunatic. See this You Tube detailing The Trilemma argument from Lewis’ perspective.

• what the titles of Son of God and Son of Man tell us about Jesus;

• Lewis’ encounter with Elizabeth Anscombe at the Socratic Club debate in 1948 and its consequences. If you’re  interested in learning more about this controversy  you can follow this internal hotlink to our page which offers more detail about that encounter.

==> Lewis/Anscombe debate .

• the use of imagination in apologetics and the role in apologetics of the human longing for something ‘more’ or ‘beyond’; To see a You Tube that is a part of The C.S. Lewis Institute’s Basic Apologetics course, which can be found off the learning resources page off our main menu bar, click here ==> Argument from Desire.

Lewis’ responses to logical positivism and to postmodernism. Professor Craig also states that in his own ministry he has argued that the existence of God and God’s self-revelation in Jesus as shown by his resurrection from the dead are “the twin pillars on which Christianity rests”.


Follow this link to Dr. Craig’s home page, Reasonable Faith, whereat you can find a lot of fantastic Christain resourse material and information.


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At the outset of the interview Dr. Craig tells us that he went to England in order to participate in → The C.S. Lewis Symposium which you can view by clicking on the hot link. Michael Ward’s book  C.S. Lewis at Poet’s Corner is at the bottom of the page which is a record of what the participants discussed and shared during the symposium. 


To see Dr. Ryan M. Reeves who teaches historical theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary give a kind of whirlwind tour of downtown London and Westminster Abby, he shows us the way Lewis was commemorated with a plaque in Poet’s Corner, during a ceremony in 2013. I would encourage you to view at least the first twenty minutes of his You Tube titled → The Life of C.S. Lewis Pt. 1. so you might carry away a clearer understanding of this event and the level of achievement Lewis obtained as a writer in the Western canon.


Click here to go to our page onWilliam Lane Craig.

And here forAlvin Plantinga


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