C.S. Lewis: A Guide To His Theology

CS Lewis Theology Guide

“C. S. Lewis once suggested that it would be a boon to be able to have a real live Epicurean at our elbow when reading Lucretius or to learn from a mouse or bee’s perspective; so Professor David Clark gives us the enlarged pleasure of reading Lewis with a sensible and good-humored theologian by our side. This is no stale and stuffy pedantic writing, but a lively, witty, and fully engaging translation of Lewis’s thoughts on Christian doctrines of faith and redemption (and a bit of Purgatory). With clarity and piercing insight, Professor Clark guides us merry fellow pilgrims along Lewis’ own spiritual and intellectual journey, pointing out hidden trails, narrow paths, and fascinating facts and myths along the way.”
Terry Lindvall, Virginia Wesleyan College
“Professor Clark writes with the confidence of one whose broad and informed acquaintance with the Lewis canon allows him to speak authoritatively about Lewis’s theology and use of Scriptural tradition.”
Bruce L. Edwards, Bowling Green State University“A very winsome book – nicely poised between a comprehensive introduction for the reader new to Lewis and a holistic treatment of the varied literary output in the Lewis canon for Lewis admirers … The chief contribution of this work lies in [Clark’s] steady treatment of Lewis’s use of Scripture and the Scriptural basis of his own imaginative works … This work walks the tightrope between saying too much and saying just enough from the perspective of a Biblical scholar who also well understands the nature and narrative and why Lewis wrote as he did. Very good for individual or group study.”
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