A Suggestion

Due to the fact that most of the You Tubes on the site are heavily laden with theoretical and philosophical content, you may find it helpful to click on the subtitles/closed caption [CC] icons located on the lower right hand corner of the You Tubes.

In Addition: You may find it helpful to tweak the playback speed at certain junctures since some of the commentary on the YouTube’s are given at a very fast pace (a perfect example of this is Michael O’Fallon’s Build Back Better podcast). This can be accomplished by 1) clicking on the settings tab (it’s the gear icon just to the right of the CC closed caption icon at the bottom of the screen), and then 2) selecting the playback speed (which should be set at normal). I suggest selecting the 0.75 setting as a test.

A Note on some hot-links: For reasons I am not aware of some of the hot-links appear with a slash running through them. The slashes in no way affects their selection, so simply ignore the slash marks when choosing to open them since the texts will appear when clicked.