The Natural Law Primer

Natural law theory recognizes there is a connection between natural morality and societal legality. Positive law theory describes positive laws, which are ordained by an authority, such as a legislature, a king, or a ruling body, and are supposed to enforce natural laws. However, positive laws can antagonize natural laws, and become unjust or immoral by natural law, because they are often laws created to enforce the common good of society. Utilitarian or authoritarian laws, for instance, can become discriminatory, persecutory, or unethical, and perverse to natural laws of morality, depending on who is making the laws and how they are being enforced. Both an ethical and an unethical law would be categorized as positive laws if they are legal. Positive law could be described as justice that is defined and influenced by human biases, beliefs, and ideologies.




C.S. Lewis and the Natural Law–The Law In Our Hearts