The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back: An Old Heresy for the New Age

The Gnostic Empire Strikes Back


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A goodreads Review

A few of the reviews I read on amazon were so annoying, I thought I’d chime in. Sure, if you are a Gnostic you probably don’t agree with Peter Jones’ judgments. But don’t try to belittle his intelligence or his command of the subject matter. He has a Ph.D. from Princeton Seminary, he’s been a theology professor for years, and he has written a number of books on the topic. He knows the arguments and counter-arguments. If you disagree, just say so, but don’t make these silly attacks on Dr. Jones’ competence. He’s very sharp. I found the book to be a good introduction to the topic. I used it in an adult setting at our church where we spent 13 weeks with it. Most folks appreciated the book and were challenged by it. It helped us understand the appeal of a puzzling movement, and how a neo-pagan worldview hangs together coherently.

It is concise, rather than comprehensive. It does not explore all the varieties of the New Age movement. Its not intended to do that. But its well worth the investment of a few hours of reading time and a few dollars. I bought extra copies for friends and for the church library.

An Amazon Review

Format: Paperback

If you are looking for a fast read to get a taste of growing and prevalent trends within our culture and seeping into our churches, look no further. In just 5 chapters Peter Jones introduces the reader to a varied and expansive field with an aim (from the tail-end of the intro.) to:

* clarify the true nature of forces opposing Christians today

* warn the church

* encourage Christian believers Each chapter contains a detailed notes section which the reader can use for a more in depth study. Since this book was published in 1992, undoubtedly some of the examples and book references may appear somewhat “dated,’ but still very relevant. Some key topics touched on in this study are:

* diversity and “kaleidoscope” of ideas found within Gnostic & new age teachings

* Nag Hammadi texts and the idea that believers find salvation through self-actualization and realization

* the “light” (presumably of truh) is within you

* serpent motif

* prayer/ chanting

* reincarnation “Christ consciousness”

* feminism

* Hindu chakras

* Goddess worship

* Liberal theology & the hypothetical “Q” document As you can see in this list, Jones tackles a wide field in a great short work. Just enough for a starting place.


For those who would like a more in depth study of Gnosticism, you will want to visit this page that can lead you to a, ==> The Great Courses, offering on this subject.

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