Aristotle for Everybody

Aristotle for Everyone

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Aristotle (384 – 322 B.C.) taught logic to Alexander the Great and, by virtue of his philosophical works, to every philosopher since, from Marcus Aurelius, to Thomas Aquinas, to Mortimer J. Adler. Now Adler instructs the world in the “uncommon common sense” of Aristotelian logic, presenting Aristotle’s understandings in a current, delightfully lucid way. He brings Aristotle’s work to an everyday level. By encouraging readers to think philosophically, Adler offers us a unique path to personal insights and understanding of intangibles, such as the difference between wants and needs, the proper way to pursue happiness, and the right plan for a good life.

An Amazon Review: By “ospawno I am a firm believer that reading interpretations of philosophical writings is never a substitute for the actual writings. I read this book and gave it to my wife who did not have the benefit of studying Aristotle in a scholastic environment. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand what Aristotle is all about, but doesn’t have the time to study all of his works.
In addition, the author has many reference notes that the reader can use to find the original writings to which the book refers. In many ways, the book acts like a good philosophy teacher. Much can be learned by reading the book, and the corresponding works of Aristotle as referenced in the notes.


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