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For those of you who would like to delve into the biblical presentation of how orthodox Christianity has come to view the biblical view of Satan, you may want to obtain a free digital copy of Lewis Sperry Chafer’s book titled Satan. If so just follow the hot link below where you can read more reviews and details about this work, as well as how to obtain your free copy.


An Amazon Review: A terrific book by S. Fox on July 17, 2011 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

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The is a fantastic little book by Chafer describing how Satan operates in this world system in which he has a great deal of authority. Compared to Chafer’s “Systematic Theology” this was an easy and enjoyable read. The chapter on the believer’s position in Christ should be read by all since it seems most believers aren’t aware of these truths. Chafer points out a problem we see in the church today, the social gospel. Even in the 1920s churches were being lead astray to fix some problem in the world instead of just preaching the gospel to the lost. As I read these pages I couldn’t help but think of Rick Warren’s PEACE plan. The only negative I’d point out are two comments in chapter one which show his belief in the Gap Theory for creation. Although this wasn’t an uncommon belief for theologians of that day to hold.

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