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Since some of you may already be involved in studying the works of C.S. Lewis, we thought it appropriate to point visitors to a forum in which you could express your interests in his work, while providing us with both the opportunity, and pleasure, of discussing Lewis’ work. Also, if there are any questions you may have concerning our study group by all means please feel free let us know what they are so we may respond. Therefore, if you have any: questions, comments, observations, rebuttals, or disagreements, with either our group, or any aspect of Lewis’ writings/thought, please let us know. If I don’t know the answer to a query I will do what I can to find something about it, if not an answer, then as adequate of response that can be had in a timely fashion.


Your Input Here Will Be Greatly  Appreciated

To find an initial direction for the group we would like to invite your participation in helping us to determine what most you would like to begin with. I feel your feedback here is particularly important and will be very much appreciated, because we really do want to try and establish a starting point that the majority of you, well, us will be interested in pursuing. So join in by casting your vote from a number of choices on offer, for those who wish to do so please click  ==> HERE. Thank You.


Little pockets of early Christianity survived,” writes C.S. Lewis, “because they cared exclusively for the love of the brethren and stopped their ears to the opinion of the Pagan society all around them. Hospitality, therefore, became one of the most significant, practical expressions of this worldwide family of brothers and sisters, and thus became one of the birthmarks of early Christianity.

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