C.S.Lewis: A Companion and Guide

C.S.Lewis: A Companion and Guide

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This is an exhaustive guide to the entire works of C. S. Lewis, including the religious works, the literary criticism, the fiction and the children’s books. It contains a year by year chronology of events in his own life, that of his forbears and of his books since. A more extended biographical section runs to a hundred pages. This is followed by a detailed portrait of each of his many books, with background, summary, contemporary critical reactions and publication history. Next there is a ‘Who’s who’ of characters in Lewis’ life, including his academic ‘club’, The Inklings. Similar in style is the ‘What’s what’ section, featuring among other things the colleges in which he worked and his homes. Then comes a section on Lewis’ key ideas, with encyclopaedia style entries pointing to various sections in the books. Finally there is a complete bibliography of texts, both primary and secondary, with publishing histories.

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