Six Great Ideas

Six Great Ideas


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An Amazon Review by David W. Edsall
How can you vote in the best interest of the country if you don’t understand what is true, what is a lie or what is untrue (those are not the same) Were Powels UN statements lies or untrue? Were those calling Powel and Bush liars, themselves liars? How can you vote for the best candidate if you don’t understand good from evil from bad? How can you be a good citizen and apply justice, liberty, and equality in your daily living if you can’t explain those ideas. What is the pursuit of happiness? These ideas are what America is supposed to be about but if you don’t understand these ideas how can you make sure we are on the right track or not.

Adler is one of there great minds and writers of the last century. His easy to read and precisely worded books will teach you how to think for your self and judge others and live a good life so that you will be happy. If you can’t distinguish wants from needs you will be more stressed by following a chaotic (maybe pleasurable) path in your life but will never be happy and content. This is the best book to start with. Then move on to Philosophical Mistakes, How to Read, Aristotle Made Easy, and most importantly the syntopticon. If you take this book to heart and live by it, it will change your life and will help you see who is fair and balanced and who is lying to you to advance their misguided (at best) agenda. It will give you the best chance for happiness.