Intellect: Mind Over Matter

Intellect-Mind Over Matter


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In Intellect: Mind Over Matter, Dr. Mortimer J. Adler argues that in the conflict between ancient and modern approaches to the study of the mind key insights have been lost that bear on contemporary psychology. According to Adler, the intellectual powers of the human mind have either been denied or neglected, or they have been reduced to the mind’s sensitive powers–sense-perception, memory, and imagination. With that goes a further reduction of all psychological phenomena to the action of the sense-organs and the brain.

Adler’s thoroughgoing critique of both of the above reductions restores the intellect to its primacy in the understanding of the mind. He explains the intellect’s uniqueness, its immateriality, the role it plays both in our sense-experience and in our knowledge of an independent reality, and how it functions as the source of meaning in our use of language.