The Strange Death of the University

Part One 

The Strange Death of the University 

We all know academia is in trouble. In fact, we’re not even sure it can be saved. To put it simply, the university is dying. To be sure, it’s a strange death, however, because the university is in some sense going back to its roots, returning to being theological seminaries, though in a completely new religion. That religion is the transformative religion of Dialectical Leftism, and its materialist watchword in the 21st century is “Sustainability.” In this New Discourses Podcast series, host James Lindsay takes the listener through a 2022 UNESCO book, Knowledge-driven Actions: Transforming Higher Education for Global Sustainability, that calls upon all “higher education institutions” to transform themselves so that they align, promote, and help complete the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a part of the 2030 Agenda.

In this episode of the series, host James Lindsay takes the listener through the first chapter, the introduction, to this manipulative UNESCO document. Sustainability is made out clearly to be a cult-religious concept, a new theological object to bind and orient the university so that the Neo-Communist agenda can be accomplished through it. Sustainability will come to guide how institutions think, operate, research, and teach, and they will serve as beacons for this new faith to the communities around them. Sustainability is to become our “New Sensibility,” just like Herbert Marcuse called for in the second chapter of his 1969 Essay on Liberation. Sustainability as the tyranny of the 21st century is to become the mode and model for all institutions of higher education, including colleges, universities, seminaries, and more. Join James to hear about how the universities are to be transformed into the cathedrals of this new backwards cult religion.

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