Philosophy of Mind

A book my Edward Feser

A book my Edward Feser

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Charles Taliaferro – Professor of Philosophy, St Olaf College, Minnesota”A splendid, highly accessible and lucid introduction. The arguments are engaging and provide a refreshing challenge to some of the conventional assumptions in the field.”David Oderberg – Professor of Philosophy, University of Reading, UK”Tightly written and admirably clear… Fesar covers just the right topics, and does so judiciously and fairly… a refreshing, provocative, and important addition to the introductory books in philosophy of mind. It should appear on every reading list.”

About the Author

Arguments for the Immateriality of the Mind

Edward Feser teaches philosophy at Pasadena City College, California. He is the author of On Nozick and editor of The Cambridge Companion to Hayek.

Edward Feser’s book is a fine introduction to the contemporary issues in Philosophy of Mind. I believe this is saying a lot because Philosophy of Mind is a terribly difficult subject and there are no really solid boundaries between today’s major thinkers. For example, Daniel Dennett (Consciousness Explained), John Searle (Mind, Language, and Society : Philosophy in the Real World), Jerry Fodor (LOT 2: The Language of Thought Revisited) and Paul Churchland (Matter and Consciousness: A Contemporary Introduction to the Philosophy of Mind) are all given some mention and their ideas are discussed in a useful way.

Two major benefits of this book are the Glossary at the end of the book and the Further Reading sections at the end of each chapter. Feser does a great job hitting the high points and the history of Philosophy of Mind in nine painless chapters: 1) Perception, 2) Dualism, 3) Materialism, 4) Qualia, 5) Consciousness, 6) Thought, 7) Intentionality, 8) Person and 9) Postscript (2006). My degree is in Philosophy and I wish I had had this book my freshman year. And while it may not help resolve any of the issues on the topic, it is very helpful in understanding the issues involved. I highly recommend it.