Changing Tides

Changing Tides is a new series of discussions from Sovereign Nations featuring James Lindsay and Michael O’Fallon. The tides of change are all around us. At times, the changes are obvious, such as the demand to oppress all things “old” and to forcibly thrust conflict theory into nearly every facet of our lives. In 2019’s Trojan Horse series, O’Fallon and Lindsay along with Peter Boghossian warned of the coming totalitarian wave of Critical Race Theory, intersectionality, and other forms of radical subjectivism. These ideologies serve as the ruling doctrines of our age and their presence is clearly evident in the topic for this new discussion. Draconian change frequently arrives with propaganda-spiced phrases that confuse the true intentions of its advocates, the same is true of climate justice. In this first episode, O’Fallon and Lindsay sound the warning in regard to climate justice and its contrast with science, real-world problem solving, and self-governance.



The sociopolitical tides are changing throughout Western Civilization. In this newly released interview, Michael O’Fallon and James Lindsay reflect upon their revolutionary discussions, their previous warnings, and the coming deconstruction of our nation as our world inches closer to a “Great Reset.”




When most commentators refer to the ideological state that Western civilization finds itself in today, the name most commonly used as the genesis of the rot that has infected our society is Karl Marx. This isn’t wholly wrong, but when an examination of the gradualistic sense of the process which has been used to purposely evolve societal conceptions to the end goal of progressive operational success, the name and the methodologies of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel should immediately come to the forefront of discussion. Join Michael O’Fallon, of Sovereign Nations, and James Lindsay, of New Discourses, for an in-depth discussion of how the Hegelian dialectical process and metaphysics work and slowly drain the color out of life in Western Civilization.


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