Pagan America

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Evil Is Coming – Worse than You Imagine


We live in an anxious age. Long-held certainties, cherished beliefs, and social trust are crumbling. Don’t expect things to get better. For too long we have taken our Christian heritage—the heritage upon which America was built—for granted. But we’re rapidly, and now inevitably, losing the Christian culture that shaped the American republic. What will take its place is a despotism—and a new paganism, worse than the old, because it will be based on a hatred of Christianity.

In his stunning new book, Pagan America, author John Daniel Davidson offers a stark but honest assessment of America’s future: “America as we know it will come to an end. Instead of a republic of free citizens, we will be slaves in a pagan empire.”

There is, he warns, no escape. We can only brace ourselves and prepare for a future when power will determine every relationship. Morality as we know it, as a Christian inheritance, will be forfeit, replaced by state-enforced “morality.” Violence will be common—doled out at the hand of an all-powerful state and its corporate allies.

There are hard times ahead, but we are not without hope. Christianity emerged within the confines of a pagan empire. Davidson shows how with courage, fortitude, and faith, it will be our duty and privilege to defend Christianity and restore its claims in what is likely to be a terrible and brutal dark age.