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I wanted to share with you the fact that even though this web site is still under construction, I very much appreciate your visiting the sight. Please let me know about your visit to our site and any comments you care to make about it or C.S. Lewis. You can do that by utilizing the comment section at the bottom of any page. I have been forced into taking a brief hiatus due to health related problems (including two surgeries [and another one in the shadows], among other things) but I am doing well and I am almost ready to more actively pursue group activities once again.

I appreciate your patience, but please take a moment if you can and either give me a call at (469) 571-2297, or drop me a line at As I’ve suggested above you can just leave a post at any point within the site. If you post from the page you would like to comment on, or get more information about, please do so.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding and am looking forward in meeting with you in the very near future.


Robert Martin

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